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New Press Release 

Meet the Authors and Book Signing

The National Churchill Museum established by act of U.S. Congress in 1969. It is housed in this 17th Century restored Christopher Wren church that was turned to rubble during the bombings of London in WW2.

The National Churchill Museum, designated by act of U.S. Congress, will celebrate its 50th Anniversary May 3 -5, 2019 at the Westminster College Campus, Fulton, MO. President Truman invited Winston Churchill to deliver there on March 5, 1946, his "Sinews of Peace" message heard around the world. It went down in history as the famous "Iron Curtain Speeech."


The anniversary will be attended by people from all over the world, including relatives of Churchill, Truman, Eisenhower, and Nixon. Julia Holofcener, the widow of Lawrence Holofcener will also be present. In 1995, Lawrewnce created the magnificent "Allies" sculpture to celebrate 50 years of peace among former enemies, which is now on display at the Museum and pictured on the front cover of my book. 


I am very honored to be included among four other authors invited to do a book signing during the event. The others are Andrew Roberts, "Churchill Walking With Destiny," Lord Alan Watson of Richmond, "Two Speeches to Save the World," Tina Santi Flagherty, "What Jackie Taught Us," and Edwina Sandys "Winston Churchill Passion for Painting." The latter is Churchill's granddaughter and a prominent artist in her own right.

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