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Paw Tracks Here and Abroad: A Dog’s Tale

Paw Tracks chronicles the adventures of Snickers, a stray dog, with a strong will to survive and who also likes to go on adventures. When Snickers is adopted in Peoria, Illinois, she quickly becomes part of the family. Over her 22 long years as a beloved member of the Wilson family, Snickers moves across the county and across the world, makes new friends, observes and engages in bizarre behaviors, and experiences the thrill of other cultures.

The 22 caricatures of Snickers, including one for the beginning of each chapter, make this book especially compelling and delightful to read. Tod Gilpin, who did all the illustrations, including the covers, has earned many honors and awards as an artist, designer, photographer, and webmaster (www.togildesign.com).


As February 10, 2016 Paw Tracks has 40 reviews posted on Amazon Books, almost all 5 Star. Here is one representative of reader responses:

“If you ever wonder what goes on in the brain of our beloved four-legged friends after they become an inseparable part of our lives, this warm-hearted story is a must to read. I laughed, smiled and even shed a tear or two, reading Snickers' personal account of her adventures and ruminations through her exciting 22-year life span with the Wilsons. She recounts for us not only many unforgettable experiences while living around this country and abroad, but, from her dog point of view she tells us about her adoption, unfailing loyalty and quirky behaviors. Being a dog lover and a believer in the work the ASPCA does, I first bought this book, loved it and I have been buying it for friends who are dog lovers or have children or grandchildren who already have a dog of their own or are begging their parents for a real dog of their own after getting so close to Snickers.”

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® has designated Paw Tracks a “Proud Supporter”. The ASPCA has written about the book and author in their 2015 newsletter and magazine: https://www.aspca.org/parents/term/author-and-aspca-supporter-james-mikel-wilson-writes-book-for-pet-lovers-of-all-ages

The Peoria Journal Star newspaper did a full-page article in 2015 about the book and author: http://www.pjstar.com/article/20150328/LIFESTYLE/150329231

Find Paw Tracks on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PawTracksHereandAbroad/