Ruminating Over A "New" New Year Diet Regimen

January 21, 2019

Tags: new year diet, funny dieting story, comedy, new year resolutions, mother and mother-in-laws

Ruminating Over A “New” New Year Diet Regimen

As the New Year arrived, a friend’s daughter lovingly sent her mother and mother-in-law a new twist on dieting. She forwarded this suggestion from Dr. Oz. Having seen almost every diet known to women, the mothers’ responses brings a chuckle. Some names and locations have (more…)

History Stands Beside You – Just Ask

January 2, 2019

Tags: American History, Military History, West Point History, Human Achievement, Iowa History, James Mikel Wilson, Churchill and Roosevelt the Big Sleepover at the White House

Over the years, I have one reoccurring regret. Of course, like any human being it isn’t the only one. Have you ever wished you had asked a family member, friend, or acquaintance about their past experiences…perhaps the ones that shaped them, or someone near to them, as human beings? As I enter (more…)