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Mr. Froggy's Dilemma

Children's true story about a frog badly in need of rescuing. Book invites the young reader to answer in a fun way questions and conduct outside research to add to the tale. Windows of opportunity emerge to explore science, climate change, and the environment. As the reader will discover, one feature makes Mr. Froggy unique. Dilemmas include taking risks, relocating, bullying, and being different. It ain't easy being BLUE!

Churchill & Roosevelt: The Big Sleepover at the White House (Christmas 1941-New Year 1942)

Shortly after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, Churchill at great risk cruised across the Atlantic Ocean by battleship to see Roosevelt. There he spent almost three weeks cementing his relationship with the President and plotting the defeat of common enemies. This book tells that story and imagines their late evening ruminations. 2018 Author Academy Award winner.

Paw Tracks Here and Abroad: A Dog’s Tale

Paw Tracks is a book written for children age six onward and all adults. Snickers, the heroine, tells her life story spanning 22 years in the first person voice about her exploits, adoption, travel, pet care, grooming, nutrition, playtime, and aging gracefully.